About JPD3


The Japan Platform for Driving Digital Development (JPD3) was established in 2021 as a public-private partnership framework with an initiative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan (MIC), based on the MIC World Development Action Plan 2020(MIWDAP2020) . While the demand for digital infrastructure and digital services has been increasing around the world in recent years, Japan will contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the resolution of social issues faced by developing countries, and economic development, by providing Japan's innovative and high-quality digital technologies to the world through this public-private partnership framework.

1. Introduction

The MIC has been promoting international projects in a wide range of fields, including ICT, postal services, firefighting, statistics, administrative consultation systems, and local governance, contributing to the resolution of global issues . In April 2020, the MIC formulated MIWDAP2020, which sets forth the basic policy and action plan for the promotion of international development, with the aim of realizing more organic collaboration with various stakeholders, including related organizations inside and outside the Japanese government.
In accordance with MIWDAP2020, the MIC decided to establish the Japan Platform for Driving Digital Development to promote the overseas deployment of Japanese digital technologies in collaboration with related ministries and agencies.

2. Purpose of JPD3

For the overseas development of Japan's digital technologies, it is importantto provide digital solutions based on the needs and local digital environment of the counter-part countries/regions.

To this end, JPD3 brings together Japanese companies, relevant ministries and agencies, and related organizations that are interested in the overseas development of digital technologies. It collects and shares information and needs related to digital technologies in countries and regions around the world, promotes matching among its members for overseas development, and provides in-depth analyses on specific countries/regions and themes in response to members' requests. By providing this series of seamless support for the overseas development, JPD3 promotes the formation of overseas development projects taking advantage of a wide variety of digital technologies by Japanese companies.

Since the application of digital technology is ongoing in various fields and the process of forming projects requires the cooperation of various parties, JPD3 will be open to a wide range of membership from the public and private sectors, including Japanese companies involved in the overseas development of digital technologies, such as telecommunications carriers, ICT vendors, ICT startups, trading companies, consulting companies, and financial institutions, as well as related ministries and agencies .

As noted above, many of Japan's ICT-related companies are participating in JPD3. If you are interested in using Japan's digital technologies, please feel free to contact the secretariat (Contact information is provided at the bottom right of this page).

Overview of this platformOverview of this platform

3. Functions of JPD3

(1) Proactive information sharing

Through its portal site and e-mails for members, JPD3 will provide updated information including on activities, events related to the overseas deployment of digital technologies, information on open calls for proposals, and updates of the database (see the following (2) ).

(2) Development of database for members

JPD3 will provide information on trends in countries and regions around the world, various support tools, and information on other members through a database that will be maintained on its portal site. Examples of information to be included in the database are as follows:

-Trends in countries and regions: Policies and regulations of each country, status of major cooperative activities by the Japanese government, and latest news
-Support tools: Projects and systems of related ministries and agencies that support planning, verification, information gathering and PR, and implementation of international projects using Japan’s digital technologies
-Membership information: Efforts and contact information of members

(3) Advisory service with professional advisors

At the request of members, advisors with expertise in overseas business and digital technologies will provide practical advice on finding and promoting projects using Japan’s digital technologies. (This service will be provided free of charge within the scope of the budget.)

(4) Analysis of the situation and needs of specific countries and regions in working groups

There are a variety of digital technology fields that Japanese companies take up in their overseas projects, and the countries and regions in which they operate also vary. JPD3 will hold working groups to analyze the situation and needs related to digital technologies by referring to local information and supporting the formation of concrete projects by its members, focusing on specific countries/regions and themes where there are significant demands for development projects using digital technologies.

(5) Consultation and Coordination

JPD3 will include a virtual consultation desk to receive various requests for consultation from its members regarding the overseas development using Japan’s digital technologies that will introduce to them appropriate advisors, relevant ministries and agencies, and related organizations. The consultation desk will also provide coordination services to help promote specific projects using Japan’s digital technologies, such as introduction of members to human networks in partner countries and regions, examination of useful support tools, and supporting the coordination with related organizations. In consideration of the confidentiality of the information related to each project, members of the platform can request to keep the coordination process private and not share the information with other members.

Image of how members can make use of this platform

Image of how members can make use of this platform